Here are many tips to keep your and your household safe; Newest tips at top

May 2013 ... Metro advises that all homeowners should prepare and secure a home content inventory list

Read this flyer from LVMPD for a tip sheet on how to go about preparing your inventory record.

The form suggested by Metro for beginning your home inventory can be downloaded by clicking here.

Metro also has this useful free service (called ReportIt) that homeowners can use to provide a secure, offsite and perpetually maintained inventory.  Read about it here to begin using the ReportIt service.

August 2012 ... Thinking about getting video surveillance protection for your home?

Read this flyer from LVMPD for a tip sheet on what to look for in buying a new system.

August 2012 ... Want to get your car stolen?  (... NOT, we hope!)

Read this flyer from LVMPD for a no-brainer tactic.

August 2012 ... Safety When Backyard Grilling

Gas grilling checklist

Propane and natural gas grills are very convenient and inexpensive to operate. Used with a healthy dose of caution, they can provide safe, satisfying service to the backyard cook in your home.

  1. ·       Check the gas supply line for any cracks, kinks or rust; replace any worn or damaged hoses before attempting to use the grill.
  2. ·       If you smell gas, turn off the supply and stop using the grill immediately until the leak can be identified and repaired.
  3. ·       Faulty push-button lighters can be a hazard; repair or replace them at the first sign of trouble if you experience any kind of malfunction.
  4. ·       Check to see if the burner plate operates correctly; if not, consult your owners manual to determine if you can remove it and clean it so that all gas outlets are functional. If you are unable to make the repair, have the burner plate and/or the grill itself replaced.

Charcoal grill checklist
Many outdoor cooks prefer the time-honored tradition of a wood charcoal fire to prepare burgers, vegetables and other grilled summer favorites. If you do too, we suggest these charcoal grilling safety tips:

  1. ·       Use the safest starting method possible such as an electric lighter or a chimney lighter that allows you to use newspapers rather than liquid starter fuel.
  2. ·       If you use liquid starter fluid, use a long-barreled lighter or taper to ignite the fluid-soaked coals.
  3. ·       Never add additional fuel once you’ve lit the charcoal – even if you cannot see flames.
  4. ·       Keep lighter fluid and lighter safely away from the grill itself and well out of children’s reach at all times.
  5. ·       Dispose of used coals and ash only once they are completely cool to the touch; always use a metal container, not plastic or any other potentially flammable material.

Kids and pets
Grilling is an exciting warm weather activity, perhaps only second to fireworks or marshmallow s’mores when it comes to attracting curious little ones. To ensure everyone has a good time when cooking out, put this safety information into play:

  1. ·       Keep kids and pets away from the grill, period; even a few feet away can be too close for safety’s sake.
  2. ·       Avoid playing games with flying objects like baseballs, basketballs or plastic discs anywhere around the grill.
  3. ·       Keep curious dogs and cats in the house or tied up a safe distance away from the grill so they don’t get hurt or interfere with the grill, causing it to be jostled or tipped over.
  4. ·       Never leave your cooking unattended.

June 2012 ... Mailbox Safety

  1. ·       Do not let your mail sit in your mailbox overnight.
  2. ·       If you are expecting a check in the mail, watch for it.  If you don't receive it in a reasonable amount of time, contact the payer,and the US Post Office at 1-800-275-8777 or for possible mail theft.
  3. ·       Direct deposit would decrease the incidents of mail theft, especially around tax refund time.
  4. ·       Put a stop on your mail when you go on vacation.  It's easy when you go to
  5. ·       Put a stop on your newspaper, too.

April 2012 ... Safe Practices

  1. ·       Make sure your windows are locked. (Check them all right now!  You may be surprised.)
  2. ·       Keep your valuables in a safety deposit box. Were you aware that Nevada State Bank (our closest bank) has some for ~$25/year?
  3. ·       Record all serial numbers of your personal property. (Keep in your safe deposit box?)
  4. ·       Call the police if you see any suspicious persons loitering in LJC.

February 2012 ... Keeping You Safe from Crime

  1. ·      Always make sure all of your doors and windows are locked when you leave home. 
  2. ·      Look through the peephole before answering your door and if you have a chain latch use it when opening your door.  (Consider getting one, if you don’t have one?)
  3. ·      Keep lights on when you go out in the evening or use a timer that turns on your lights so you do not need to remember.  Some timers have variable times. 
  4. ·      Keep shutters, blinds, and curtains closed after dark.   

 This column was started by Board member Evelyn Akiva.  Thanks, Evelyn, for sharing these valuable tips!