Board-adopted policies and resolutions that are binding on the Owners and ARC

  1. Rules & Regulations document, last updated and adopted in July, 2013. An earlier version of the R&R, dating from 1997 (for historical reference), is here.

  2. A Board-adopted policy regarding approvable front yard perimeter border improvements.

  3. A resolution pertaining to LJCHOA's responsibility for maintenance of interior screening walls (located totally on Owners' lots) abutting the association's Common Areas (i.e., sidewalks and/or entry landscaped areas).

  4. Here is (well, will be, once it is created) a continuously updated list of decisions regarding ARC request submittals that can provide guidance to Owners.

  5. The 2104 updated LJCHOA Fine Collection and Fee Assessment Policy will be linked here when supplied by management; changes to the previous version were made necessary by state law changes. [Note: the 2012 version of the Policy, archived here for historical reference, shows the Tracked Changes made to the 2011 version.  Parking violation outcomes are described on the last 2 pages of this document.]

  6. Solar installation policy and ARC guidance statement, adopted March 17, 2016.

  7. Easy & quick administrative approval of Owners' requests for placement of dumpsters is the goal of this policy, adopted July 21, 2016.

  8. (placeholder for additional policies and Board resolutions)