Here are a number of scanned documents from that circa 1990 era:

  1. The final plat map (sheet 1) (sheet 2) (sheet 3) of La Jolla Classics that created the 132 lots and association-owned Common Area.  This plat was prepared by noted local surveyor Jerry Sligar, and filed with the Clark County Recorder's Office on May 11, 1989.

  2. Original construction plans for the neighborhood infrastructure were filed with the City of Las Vegas' Public Works department, but were (in conformance with the department's records retention policy) discarded 1 year following completion of the subdivision.  Searches for a copy of these plans has not been fruitful.  If any Owner might have a copy, providing it to the Board (for adding to this permanent repository) would be appreciated.

  3. McKellar Development's original sales literature from 1990 to 1992.  Sadly, this PDF set is missing the floor plan of the 1781 square-foot Adriatic model, which was the 5th model created about halfway through the neighborhood's construction phases.  If any Owner has a floorplan of the Adriatic, please scan and email it to the Board for addition here.  If you were an original purchaser, you undoubtedly dealt with Sally Vitkus McKinney and/or Karen Menzel.

  4. Aerial photo of La Jolla Classics in 1990 (as shown at left).  The 4 houses on Desert Beach opposite the Boynton Beach front gate were the 4 original model homes.  Note the grass yards - conversions to desert landscaping didn't catch on until the turn of the century.  The Adriatic was added later across the street at 8212 Desert Beach.  The sales office was in the garage of 8205 Desert Beach (...if you've ever wondered, now you know why that garage has a side window) and the prospective customer parking lot was across the street at 8220 Desert Beach (which, by the way, was the very last home built in the neighborhood).

  5. Aerial photo of Desert Shores in 1994.  Nearly all was built out, except for the custom homesites in Diamond Bay, Ritz Cove, and Pelican Point.  Note that Buffalo and Cheyenne were still 2-lane roads.