Everything you need to know about the Architectural Review Committee process


   Whenever you wish to make any visible changes to… Your front or rear yard landscaping, or Your home's exterior appearance - - including but not limited to:

1.       adding or deleting plants and trees,

2.       changing the front door or adding a security door,

3.       painting the exterior with the same or a different color,

[Important: Be advised that such repainting must also include your garage doors, and they may now be either painted white, or painted to match your home’s stucco walls (main color only; not the secondary “trim” or pop-outs color). On garage doors, use of a paint formulated for metal surfaces is recommended for longer life and appearance.]

4.       adding or changing exterior light fixtures,

5.       adding a satellite dish,

6.       roof mounted solar heating, or

7.   solar electric panel system [Important: the Board adopted special requirements for this installation],

8.   etc.

… then the CC&Rs (of both LCJHOA and DSCA) require that you submit an ARC application and have it approved prior to undertaking those changes. 


Practically speaking, probably the only conceivable modifications that would NOT trigger the need for ARC approval are:

1.       Re-roofing your house with tiles of the exact same color as existing,

2.       Metal-cladding your home’s roof eaves.

3.       Replacing one or more windows with identical-look windows.

4.       Replacing a plant feature with one that is either identical or similar in size, appearance and function. (Dead or dying mature plants can be replaced with smaller and younger versions, without triggering the need for an approved ARC application.)


Right-click on this link to download and save a PDF of the ARC form that you will need to use. The single-page application form (pus any attached diagrams, if applicable) will be used for the 2-step approval process through both our subassociation and the Desert Shores master association.  Even though we are inside a gated enclave, DSCA's CC&Rs also still apply and DSCA must approve of your proposed changes too.


Here are the typical steps for an ARC submittal:

A.     First, prepare your ARC form.  

1)     If you are repainting your home the same or a different color, you must choose from the LJCHOA-approved color pallet (main color and, if desired, a 2nd accent color for trims and “pop outs”).  You can be loaned the LJC color book by the LJCHOA President or members of the ARC.  You may also view (but not check out) the color book that is on file at the Desert Shores office. These books have color chips of the approved colors from several vendors.  Please note that LJCHOA is NOT endorsing any vendor but is supplying these books as a convenience to you. After selecting your sample color chips, you can have them color-matched at ANY paint store of your choosing.

2)     If you are making a landscaping change, you must prepare and attach a drawing (hand-drawn is fine, but please be as neat as possible) that contains enough information for the ARC to be able to clearly understand your proposed improvement.  Listing all proposed plant names is required. Drawings and Photos will be required. The DSCA Office and Website has their own specifications for Landscaping. It is worth a trip to their Office, however, to guide you through the approval process so your application will be approved the first time.

3)     If you are making any type of architectural change or addition to your home’s exterior structure, your application should have drawings attached (and photos and/or related documents) as needed to fully depict the proposed improvement. Again, visit the DSCA Office to guide you through the Application process so your application will be approved the first time.

B.     Next, get your neighbors (on each side and across the street) to sign it.  (Need to find out who owns your neighbor's property? Find out at this link.) Note that this step ensures that they are aware of your proposed changes - - NOT necessarily that they are in agreement with the changes.  It may be possible to obtain approval from LJCHOA and DSCA without your neighbor’s consent, but the associations wish to know that your immediate neighbors have been given the opportunity to know about it.

C.     Next, submit your application to the LJCHOA manager (see the www.ljchoa.org Contact Us webpage; submittal by email will speed the process).  The manager will immediately send a PDF of your complete application out to all the members of LJCHOA’s ARC for review and decision.  If the ARC approves your application, the manager will e-mail it to Desert Shores for their review & approval process, and copy the Owner. It is at this point in the process that the Owner needs to mail or (better) hand-deliver the $10 check (DSCA’s application review fee) to the Desert Shores office. You may refer to Desert Shores’ www.desertshores.org website for their approval process and calendar.  Nominally, submittal to the DSCA office no later than the last Wednesday of the month gets the application reviewed the first Monday of the month.

D.     After you have received your approval letter from DSCA, you may begin your work.

If you still have questions about preparation and/or submittal of your ARC Application that the above does not answer, you may call or send an email to the LJCHOA manager at [email protected], or to the Architectural Review Committee members at [email protected]oa.org.