Streets to be Blocked for Asphalt Surface Sealant Job

Posted on May 16, 2018 at 9:45 PM

Crews from Holbrook Asphalt Company, the asphalt ‘asset preservation’ contractor who yesterday (5/15/18) filled all of the many pavement cracks with hot tar sealant, will return the week of May 21st to spray-coat 3 sections of LJC’s streets on 3 different days. The notice that will be posted on everyone’s garage door on Friday, May 18th can be downloaded here if needed. The coating will be Hollbrook’s patented, proprietary asphalt surface coat mixture called H-A-5™ High Density Mineral Bond.

This is a remarkable, “next generation” surface treatment product that does a far, far better job of keeping the asphalt’s internal petroleum oils locked into the pavement than does a typical water-based asphalt emulsion seal coat. Although a bit more expensive (roughly double the cost), it carries a 5-year warranty against needing a re-treatment, versus ordinary emulsion seal coats' 1-year warranty. Because this surface treatment will last longer than the previous one, it is quite likely that our next surface treatment will be at least 7 years in the future, and possibly even more. Because of the warrantied longer life, this treatment is actually the best value for LJCHOA, when considered on an annual cost basis.

The roads inside our gates belong to LJCHOA, and are our most valuable asset - - easily worth more by itself than all of our other assets combined. By focusing on maintaining our streets with best-quality treatments, LJCHOA can keep our streets in good condition at the lowest overall cost.

Returning to details of next week’s project… As with previous seal coating jobs that you may have experienced (here in September 2013, or elsewhere), each street will be completely closed off for 24 hours. On the day that your street is to be treated, you will need to get your car(s) out of your garage by 6:30AM, and parked in a different section that is not being treated. If you don’t do this, you will be marooned in your house that whole day. Therefore, if only for unexpected errands, it is recommended that you park at least one car in a different section, even if you don’t have plans to go out that day. While all this disruption is going on, LJCHOA’s normal prohibition on residents parking on street will not be enforced. On Monday morning (and continuing to Tuesday morning), when LJC's front entry is blocked, the rear gates leading to Soft Winds will be locked open, to accommodate any residents that do not have clickers for the gates.

As with all seal coat treatments, there will be some “tracking” of the material onto your car tires for a day or three, and unfortunately it will probably show on your driveway and garage. The amount of tracking is expected to be slight, and your indulgence is requested in this unavoidable fact. If you cross the street on foot, there could also be some tracking on the soles of your shoes. You are advised to take care not to track it into your home, where carpets and other flooring will be at risk. Do NOT walk on the freshly treated roads before 7AM the following day.

On the day your street is to be closed, your vendors or contractors or service providers will be able to get to your home only on foot via sidewalk. Because of this, it is advisable that you reschedule any such visits for a different day. Collecting your mail on the day your street is treated could involve a long, circuitous hike if the mailbox is not on your side of the street. (Repeating ... do NOT walk on the freshly treated street.) These inconveniences are unpleasant but also unavoidable, as these infrequent asphalt pavement treatments are absolutely critical to the preservation of our valuable streets.

One last and very important request – all residents are asked to please turn off your sprinkler system the day before your street is to be treated. It is of utmost importance that the streets be bone dry for the treatment to adhere properly. Also recommended is a reminder Post-it note, to remind you to turn the sprinkler timer back on the day after your section’s treatment is done.

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