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September 2018 Board Mtg Recap

Posted on September 28, 2018 at 4:30 PM Comments comments (6)
  1. The Board accepted the resignation of LJCHOA’s Secretary/ Treasurer officer, Yoshiko Akiyama, which she indicated was submitted for personal reasons.
  2. The Board appointed Bill Pickard as the new Secretary/Treasurer.
  3. The Board also received the resignation letter of Glenn Grayson, Director, submitted because he is intending to sell his LJC residence in the near future. However, the Board held the resignation in suspense, to be acted upon a later time. The Board is currently actively seeking a motivated LJCHOA member in good standing who would be willing to be appointed to Mr. Grayson’s 5th Director position vacancy. Any eligible member who is interested in being appointed should contact our Community Manager, Krista Gilmore at: Email: [email protected] Phone: (702) 754-6313.
  4. The Board approved a management-recommended Draft Budget for 2019; it includes zero increase in total monthly assessments to Owners ($91.14 quarterly). A budget mailing to the entire membership will be forthcoming in October.
  5. The Board also awarded a preventive maintenance contract for LJC’s gates (both the Boynton Beach and Sea Reef entries) to Valley Gates, Inc., for the sum of $550 annually. Preventive maintenance will be undertaken on a quarterly basis, and Valley Gates will also provide LJCHOA with remote programming of gate directory updates at no additional charge.
  6. The Board also discussed having a revised ‘Parking Restriction’ policy, and it will be discussed again at an upcoming meeting.

Subsequent to the meeting, the Board President and the Community Manager discussed and agreed to change the Board of Directors meeting frequency to every 2 months, as previously committed. As a result, the previously scheduled October meeting is canceled; the next Board meeting will be on November 15th, and is planned to be bi-monthly after that on the 3rd Thursday of odd-numbered months. [update: the Board reconsidered this action, and will hold the October meeting at 2:00 PM on October 25th in Sierra's office conference room, located at 3230 S. Buffalo, STE 105. All members are welcomed to attend.]

Board Selects New Management Company

Posted on June 11, 2018 at 6:30 PM Comments comments (2)

At its April 19th meeting, the Board agreed to solicit proposals for the association’s management contract. Invitations were emailed to five companies (including our current company, Nevada Community Management) and replies were received back from all. At its May 24th meeting, the Board reviewed and discussed the proposals, but did not make a selection. A few days later, Nevada Community Management issued a “Termination Letter” to the Board, signifying their withdrawal from consideration of a contract renewal, and stating that their management services to LJCHOA would end on June 30th.

An emergency Board meeting was called, and held on June 3rd in President Toussaint’s home to continue reviewing the proposals. Prior to that June 3rd meeting, President Toussaint contacted 3 of the proposers, and negotiated a lower management fee than what they each had put in their proposals. The June 3rd Board meeting resulted in the selection of Sierra Community Management as the best choice for our HOA. The draft minutes of that meeting can be viewed here, and those minutes were adopted at the June 25th Board meeting.

On Friday, June 8th, four of the Board members met with the new management company’s owner and our new (as of July 1st) Community Manager, Krista Gilmore, at their satellite office on Buffalo near Desert Inn. Every member of the Board is looking forward to a successful relationship with our new management company and CM.

The Contact Us webpage will be updated with the new information on July 1st.

2018 Street Sealing Project - - Update

Posted on May 30, 2018 at 1:10 PM Comments comments (23)

The street sealing project went off almost without any hitches or complications on May 21st, 22nd, and 24th. A light rain fell after the first coat was applied to the RED section (see original notification map), and the contractor skipped doing the second coat that day. One bit of overspray (a significant mistake) damaged one member’s front yard area on Ocean Front, and the contractor will pay to have the damaged area restored to like-new. Other than those 2 hiccups, the Board is extremely happy with the project’s result; the surface is perfectly sealed, and the HA5™ sealant quickly dried hard and non-tacky (minimizing tracking onto driveways). Below are several pictures of the job underway.


The contractor will return to apply the skipped 2nd coat to the RED section on Friday, June 8th. The RED section will be closed to all traffic beginning at 7AM that day, and won’t re-open until 7AM the following morning (Saturday). During this 24-hour closure, all residents and visitors must use the back gates (Sea Reef at Soft Winds), which will be held standing open. As with the previous closure, residents in the RED section must turn off their sprinkler systems on Thursday, and can turn them back on when the street is opened on Saturday. And, residents not wishing to be marooned in their homes on Friday will need to move their cars outside of the RED section.

Streets to be Blocked for Asphalt Surface Sealant Job

Posted on May 16, 2018 at 9:45 PM Comments comments (0)

Crews from Holbrook Asphalt Company, the asphalt ‘asset preservation’ contractor who yesterday (5/15/18) filled all of the many pavement cracks with hot tar sealant, will return the week of May 21st to spray-coat 3 sections of LJC’s streets on 3 different days. The notice that will be posted on everyone’s garage door on Friday, May 18th can be downloaded here if needed. The coating will be Hollbrook’s patented, proprietary asphalt surface coat mixture called H-A-5™ High Density Mineral Bond.

This is a remarkable, “next generation” surface treatment product that does a far, far better job of keeping the asphalt’s internal petroleum oils locked into the pavement than does a typical water-based asphalt emulsion seal coat. Although a bit more expensive (roughly double the cost), it carries a 5-year warranty against needing a re-treatment, versus ordinary emulsion seal coats' 1-year warranty. Because this surface treatment will last longer than the previous one, it is quite likely that our next surface treatment will be at least 7 years in the future, and possibly even more. Because of the warrantied longer life, this treatment is actually the best value for LJCHOA, when considered on an annual cost basis.

The roads inside our gates belong to LJCHOA, and are our most valuable asset - - easily worth more by itself than all of our other assets combined. By focusing on maintaining our streets with best-quality treatments, LJCHOA can keep our streets in good condition at the lowest overall cost.

Returning to details of next week’s project… As with previous seal coating jobs that you may have experienced (here in September 2013, or elsewhere), each street will be completely closed off for 24 hours. On the day that your street is to be treated, you will need to get your car(s) out of your garage by 6:30AM, and parked in a different section that is not being treated. If you don’t do this, you will be marooned in your house that whole day. Therefore, if only for unexpected errands, it is recommended that you park at least one car in a different section, even if you don’t have plans to go out that day. While all this disruption is going on, LJCHOA’s normal prohibition on residents parking on street will not be enforced. On Monday morning (and continuing to Tuesday morning), when LJC's front entry is blocked, the rear gates leading to Soft Winds will be locked open, to accommodate any residents that do not have clickers for the gates.

As with all seal coat treatments, there will be some “tracking” of the material onto your car tires for a day or three, and unfortunately it will probably show on your driveway and garage. The amount of tracking is expected to be slight, and your indulgence is requested in this unavoidable fact. If you cross the street on foot, there could also be some tracking on the soles of your shoes. You are advised to take care not to track it into your home, where carpets and other flooring will be at risk. Do NOT walk on the freshly treated roads before 7AM the following day.

On the day your street is to be closed, your vendors or contractors or service providers will be able to get to your home only on foot via sidewalk. Because of this, it is advisable that you reschedule any such visits for a different day. Collecting your mail on the day your street is treated could involve a long, circuitous hike if the mailbox is not on your side of the street. (Repeating ... do NOT walk on the freshly treated street.) These inconveniences are unpleasant but also unavoidable, as these infrequent asphalt pavement treatments are absolutely critical to the preservation of our valuable streets.

One last and very important request – all residents are asked to please turn off your sprinkler system the day before your street is to be treated. It is of utmost importance that the streets be bone dry for the treatment to adhere properly. Also recommended is a reminder Post-it note, to remind you to turn the sprinkler timer back on the day after your section’s treatment is done.

April 19 Board of Directors Meeting Results

Posted on May 9, 2018 at 1:05 PM Comments comments (1)

At its April 19, 2018 meeting, the Board made a number of important decisions:

1. Major stucco wall repairs and landscape replacements in the “upper deck” level of both the front and rear entrances were commissioned. The exposed walls will be waterproofed (inside the upper level), and the aging cypress bushes will be removed and replaced with 15-gallon-sized xylosma bushes [Moon Valley Nursery’s website describes it as “…a very attractive shrub with bright green shiny leaves that will grow in part to full sun. Frequently planted as a hedge or screen, this hardy evergreen thrives in desert heat.”]. This is the same shrub that was selected by Desert Shores a few years ago for plant replacement in front of all screening walls along the community’s collector roadways. This entry beautification and rehabilitation work, totaling approximately $11,000, is to be paid from the association’s Reserve account.

2. Following an intensive workshop session and field trip earlier in the week, crack-filling and seal-coating of our streets was commissioned, awarding the competitive bid to Holbrook Asphalt for approximately $52,000 (also to be paid for from the Reserve account). Our neighborhood’s streets were last treated in 2015, and this superior, new-generation surface treatment product that the Board selected is expected to last at least 7 years before needing re-treatment again. (It has a 5-year guarantee, compared to the 1-year guarantee that accompanies traditional sealcoats. This work could begin as soon as late May, or it may be scheduled in the Fall. Full details on this work will be sent out in advance newsletters and fliers taped to garage doors.

3. The Board decided to shift to staggered 3-year terms. The terms of Glenn Grayson and Bill Pickard were set to three years and will expire in 2021, Farah & Jean were set at 2 yrs expiring in 2020, Greg Toussaint was appointed to the board so he will stand for re-election in 2019. Every Board member elected in the future will serve a 3-year term. This change returns the Board terms to that which is called for in the Association governing documents.

4. Recently appointed ARC member Debbie Thompson submitted her resignation citing planned lack of availability in the near future, and ‘pioneer’ owner Bonnie DiVento was appointed by the Board as the replacement 3rd member of the committee.

5. The next Board meeting was set for Thursday, May 24th at 6PM. Since the Desert Shores clubhouse will be undergoing renovation, this one meeting will be held in DSCA’s conference room.

2018 Board Election Results - Update

Posted on April 25, 2018 at 12:55 AM Comments comments (3)

At the March 29, 2018 Board meeting, the vacant 5th Board member position was filled by appointment. Greg Toussaint was unanimously selected by the four existing Board members to join the Board of Directors. In the meeting’s ensuing Organizational item, Greg was elected as the Board’s new President. Dr. Farah Divanbeigi was re-elected as the Board’s Vice-President. The Board selected Yoshiko Akiyama (a longtime LJC resident, former Board member, and former LJCHOA Treasurer) to the position of Secretary/Treasurer of the Association. Yoshiko is an ex-officio member of the Board of Directors, and will be participating (but not eligible to vote) at the head table during the Open meetings.

The Board also appointed Debbie Thompson, owner on Sunset Beach, as the 3rd member of the Architectural Review Committee.

2018 Board Election Results

Posted on March 3, 2018 at 9:35 AM Comments comments (1)

On Tuesday, February 27, 2018, election ballots were counted, and the 4 candidates were duly elected into the 4 vacant Board positions.

The assembled Owners were informed that Board President Gary Carpenter had submitted a letter of resignation from the LJCHOA Board on January 25, 2018. No reason for his departure from the Board was included in the letter.

Three association meetings were held that night. In addition to the Annual Meeting (which included the Board member election), an "Organizational Meeting" and the Regular Board meeting were held. The Organizational Meeting produced no results as to the determination of association officers; no majority vote decision was reached. Therefore, the 2017 officer assignments (Farah Divanbeigi as Vice-President, and Jean Foss as Secretary) will remain until such time that new officer positions can be decided by future majority vote of the Board members.

The regular Board meeting failed to successfully appoint a 5th Board member. The Board will try once again at the upcoming March 29th Board meeting to do so. Failing again would likely mean calling a Special Election to fill the final Board vacancy, and restore the Board to an odd number of persons, which should eliminate most or all tie votes.

One Board Member Appointed, and Two Resign

Posted on December 1, 2017 at 6:05 AM Comments comments (1)

At its October 19, 2017 meeting, the Board of Directors appointed Dr. Farah Divanbeigi to the Board vacancy that was created when Bob Freeman resigned the previous month. Bob's service was ended because he sold his home and moved out of state. (Bob's membership in the association's ARC was also ended when he departed La Jolla Classics.)

Subsequently, citing difficulties in their being able to serve effectively on the Board of Directors, Michael McBade (on Nov. 10, 2017) and Ed Byrnes (on Nov. 17, 2017) resigned from the Board. 

Newly Elected 2017 Board Takes Office

Posted on August 30, 2017 at 10:30 PM Comments comments (1)

After a false start caused by a fatally-flawed first election mailer, the annual election for three (3) Board members finally took place on August 29, 2017. Four Owners were on the ballot, and three were elected to serve by majority vote of the 132 Owners casting ballots. Joining current Board members Ed Byrnes and Jean Foss, the newly elected Board members are Gary Carpenter, Michael McBade and Bob Freeman (re-elected for an additional term).

At the conclusion of the election, and before the election of officers, Bob Freeman tendered his immediate resignation from the Board, citing time constraints to effectively perform Board service. In accordance with the LJCHOA Bylaws, the new Board will fill the newly vacant position by appointment at an upcoming Board meeting; any Owner wishing to fill this vacancy should alert a Board member of their interest.

The organization meeting followed immediately, and resulted in the following officer appointments:

President = Gary Carpenter

Secretary = Jean Foss

Treasurer = Ed Byrnes

Vice-President = (vacant)

New Board member Michael McBade expressed an interest in serving on the Architectural Review Committee, and the Board consented with his appointment to the ARC as the new, voting, Board Liaison member. Bob Freeman, the former Board Liaison to the ARC, remained on the committee as an interested Owner.

One item of business conducted by the new Board was announcing an intent to return to every-month Board meetings. The Board instructed NCM to identify the cost increase that would result from the increased meeting frequency, and to report back at the next Board meeting (tentatively in late September).

Management Company Changed - New Community Manager Named

Posted on July 14, 2017 at 4:35 PM Comments comments (0)

Mesa Management, the firm that has been LJCHOA's HOA management company for the past 5 years, has ceased operations, and its client accounts (i.e., all of its HOAs) have been assigned to 2 different firms. Our neighborhood's account was assigned to Nevada Community Management (NEVCM) as a result of a purchase of a significant portion of the assets of Mesa Management. NEVCM's newly assigned (interim) Community Manager for our neighborhood is Debi Pike, the owner and president of NEVCM. The permanent replacement Community Manager will be Edwina Daly, after her hire on August 1st, 2017. This situation presents the LJCHOA Board of Directors with the opportunity to consider seeking bids for a new management company, and that discussion could begin at the (delayed) August 8, 2017 Board meeting. Owners are advised to attend this meeting and learn more about this potential change. The immediate change in management companies has been reflected on the Contact Us webpage.