LJCHOA is the non-profit corporation managing the LJC Common Area elements

La Jolla Classic Homeowners Association (LJCHOA) exists primarily to provide a responsible entity that manages and maintains those Common Area elements.  It collects assessments from the 132 Owners, and disburses funds from those assessments to operate, maintain, replace and improve the Common Area as needed. LJCHOA is a subassociation; the master association is Desert Shores Community Association; DSCA's website is www.desertshores.org.  LJC Owners pay HOA dues to both LJCHOA and DSCA.  Here is a map showing Desert Shores' 28 districts.

As an additional function of the HOA (as specified in the association's bylaws), it enforces the LJCHOA's CC&Rs (Covenants, Conditions & Restrictions, a legal document that was created when the HOA was formed in 1988) and the Rules & Regulations (a living document that is periodically amended and updated by the LJCHOA Board of Directors), so as to sustain maximum value to the neighborhood's property owners. 

This website is a portal for the LJC Owners to receive information from the association, and for the Owners to provide feedback to the association's all-Owner Board of Directors.  Drop us a line (see the Contact Us page) if you have suggestions for improving this website and/or enhancing our neighborhood.